Created: 20 October 2021


SafeSport Education & Screening

Compliance standards, legislative oversight of SafeSport education and third-party background screening now require that all USASA adult members also hold a US Ski & Snowboard membership in the same membership category they are represented in at USASA. Once SafeSport adult compliance requirements are met US Ski & Snowboard will notify USASA and your USASA membership will become active.  These new standards provide National Governing Body oversight for adult members and allow for a more transparent, secure, and safe system for our athletes. 

This shift in USASA operations supports USASA’s mission of providing positive environments for young athletes and supporting the most progressive education and safety models. Maintaining the highest standards for the safety of all USASA youth and adult stakeholders is an important part of our USASA guiding principles.  Highlighting this adjustment USASA has reduced all USASA adult membership pricing by 50% for the upcoming season. This helps to offset the additional out-of-pocket expenses for those adults who have not held both memberships in the past.


  • Do I need to purchase a US Ski & Snowboard membership before I purchase my USASA membership? The order in which you purchase your membership does not matter. The USASA membership will remain pending until all compliances have been completed and we have been notified from US Ski & Snowboard.
  • How will USASA know if I have completed my adult compliances? USASA has an automated interface that will advise when your background screen and SafeSport compliances are complete.
  • Can I purchase a volunteer membership and have it work as a coach for adult compliance at USASA? No. All adults must purchase a membership in their respective categories with US Ski & Snowboard to coincide with their USASA membership.
  • Will I be charged for multiple memberships if I am say a coach and a judge/official? No, you will only be charged the higher price membership at each organization plus any applicable U.S. Ski & Snowboard division/state dues.
  • If I currently buy both memberships will this be twice as much now? Absolutely not! You will actually see a $50 decrease in out-of-pocket cost.
  • When can I purchase my adult membership at USASA? All memberships will be available on July 1st, annually.



In 2017 congress passed the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act. This important legislation amended both the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990 and the Amateur Sports Act of 1978.

This law designated the United States Center for SafeSport to serve as the independent national safe sport organization, with the responsibility for developing policies and procedures to prevent the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of amateur athletes.

  • It also required amateur sports organizations, which participate in an interstate or international amateur athletic competition and whose membership includes any adult who is in regular contact with an amateur athlete who is a minor, to:
  • Comply with the reporting requirements of the Victims of Child Abuse Act
  • Establish reasonable procedures to limit one-on-one interactions between an amateur athlete who is a minor and an adult
  • Offer and provide consistent training to adult members who are in contact with amateur athletes who are minors
  • A reporting mechanism that allows a complainant to easily report child abuse
  • Audits, to ensure the policies and procedures are followed correctly
  • The mechanism for background screening and monitoring Safe Sport Education


USASA has been a leader in adopting these new laws and has maintained 100% SafeSport compliant since the beginning in 2017. We are proud to be leaders in this space and continue to invest in systems and programs to protect our members, providing the gold standard in education to USASA adults in adherence to guidelines. To adhere to new guidelines, reduce duplication of background screens and keep costs reasonable for members we have maintained shared databases with US Ski & Snowboard for those individuals with memberships in both organizations.

Commitment to athlete safety is our number one priority. If you have questions about this new adjustment please contact mike[at]


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