Friday May 22, 2015

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Paul Brichta BoulderingHi everyone,

Here’s an update of the time I spent at school in the fall. I was at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah for the past 3 months where I was taking 3 classes. Multivariable calculus, intro to computer science, and an environmental justice course.

While I was at school I did a lot of rock climbing, kayaking, indoor soccer, hiking, and much more. I also had a lot of friends that enjoyed the same stuff so I had a really great time. A couple of times we made trips down to Joe’s Valley, about a 2-3 hour drive southeast from Salt Lake City in the desert. It is a great place for bouldering, rock climbing short problems that do not require a rope only pads.

The hardest problem I was able to send in Joe’s Valley was a V5 called “Kill By Numbers.” It’s under an overhang, and the hardest part is when you’re holding a sloper and a small finger jam and you have to cut your feet, meaning they come off the wall and you have to hold yourself together. Then all that’s left is a heel hook, and pulling yourself up to the finish.

The time I spent at Westminster this fall was unforgettable and the night sky at Joe’s Valley was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Now, it’s time to begin the snowboarding season and I am looking forward to riding again.

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