Thursday May 28, 2015

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Hey everyone,

thumb_millerflipWishing you all a late Happy Holidays, hope your seasons been good. As for me, my seasons been great so far. I finished the semester strong with a 4.0, and headed to Telluride for the first World Cup of the season. I was pretty nervous because I had to miss the training camp to study for finals, but all went well and I finished in 9th and was the only US girl to qualify. The team event went good as well, I got to race with one of my best friends Jackie Hernandez. It was snowing pretty hard and the conditions we're rough, we got bumped out of finals by the Swiss team. We came back to win the consolation round landing us in 5th place overall. After telluride I headed home to spend the holidays with my family in Salt Lake. The Salt Lake area had a couple good dumps and I was lucky enough to get a solid 10 days of powder riding. I'm now in Colorado to do some training and catch up with old friends. On the 20th of January I head to Canada to compete in World Championships. Wish me luck! Hope everyone has had as good of a season as I have. Keep it up!

Faye Gulini 

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