Thursday May 28, 2015

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Thank you all for a great series. Congrats to all of the participants, Huge thanks to our host resorts and sponsors!  

Congrats to all who resresented so amazingly well on all fronts at Copper.  Great Job spreading our values of  Sportsmanship.Cameraderie, and Pride!

Congrats to our camp session winners!

Windell's session- Benjamin MacDonald

High Cascades Session- Anne Bartram

Woodward at Copper- Connor Cavanagh


SOUTHERN VERMONT NATIONALS TEAM SWEATSHIRTS FOR SKIERS!!!!!!   For Ski Nationals will be available at Copper April 4th  from 4:30 till just before opening ceremony begins. Pick up location is out in front of registration area where we uaually are. John Ellertson will be managing the distribution. They are $20 each this year, and are being offered to Southern Vermont athletes, coaches, and families. Please spread the word.






 online registration is non refundable and non-transferrable.  Injury refunds must be submitted before the event the athlete is registered for takes place.  Refund window has expired- any unclaimed refunds go to sweatshirt fund.

       Southern Vermont series regional rankings are determined by: 

 best 2 of 3 results in Slalom, GS, pipe, and rail jam and best 3 of 4 results in bx/sx, and slope. rankings are run every Wednesday, and previous weeks results will show by Thursday am.

 Series Background

SVSS is one of the original grassroots snowboarding contest series. Many Olympians and top name pros got it all rolling in the hills of Southern Vermont, riding with frends and getting together for our contests. For 14 years we have fostered an environment to promote the development of snowboarders of all ages by providing fair and fun, well managed events.

Competition Information

All participants must be current USASA members prior to arrival at the contest. You can join online by clicking the "join" tab above.  You must be a current member to register online. Online registration will close Thursday at midnight for events on the following weekend. If you miss the deadline, we will also offer day-of registration each event day from 7:30-8:30. We do not accept credit cards for day of registration, so please have cash or your checkbook handy.  There is uaually a line for day-of registration, so please try to do it online and you won't miss out on any practice...

These events are centered on FUN and skill-development in a relaxed competitive environment. We offer a true grassroots competiton experience with safe,fun,and fair events which allow aspiring competitors of all ages to get together and have some fun.

Event descriptions:


Slopestyle is a judged event where riders take two judged runs through a terrain course. Best single run score counts towards final result. The course consists of 4-5 "feature" pads usually splt evenly between jumps and rails.. Each pad consists of 2-3 options for different ability levels. Skiers and Riders compete within age groups.Registration and bib pick up is always 7:30-8:30 day of event. Registration location is posted here 1 week prior to event. Each event starts with a 1 hour practice session, followed by the contest. 

Rail Jam:

Rail Jam is a judged free form jam format event through a series of rails. The course consists of several feature pads of rails. Each pad consists of 2-3 options for different ability levels. The Riders and Skiers "jam" within age groups usually for 30-45 minutes, with a "finals" jam at the end of the day. Competitors are ranked within the age group based on the duration of the session. Registration is 7:30-8:30 in the Base lodge west wing. Each event starts with a 45 minute practice session.


BX/SX is head to head heat racing through a gated terrain course with the top skiers and riders advancing to the next round. The events consist of, first, a one run timed run. The timed run seeds the riders within their age groups. The competitors then race 4 at a time with the top two finishers advancing in a "round robin" tournament elinimation style. Registration and bib pick up is 7:30-8:30 day of event (or online). Registration location posted here 1 week prior to event. Event starts with a 15 minute inspection session and a 30-45 minute practice session. 


Halfpipe is a judged event with each rider or skier taking two runs through the u-shaped tube. The competititors are judged overall impression on amplitude, difficulty, variety, and overall flow. Best single run score counts for overall ranking. Registration and bib pick up is 7:30-8:30 on event day. Registration location location posted here 1 week prior to event. Each event starts with a 1 hour warm- up/practice session.

Giant Slalom:

A traditional timed racing event for riders only. Riders negotiate a medium/large radius gated course, racing against the clock. Two timed runs combined establishes overall ranking. Riders must complete both runs without a "fault" to receive overall ranking. Unlike other events, there is no practice session, but riders do have a period to "inspect" the setting of the course to devise a "line" strategy. Registration is 7:30-8:30 day of event and registration location posted here 1 week prior to event.


Same format as GS,  however the gates are closer together 12-20 meter vertical spacing.

Who are these events for....

Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Boarder/skiercross and Rail Jams are open to both snowboarders and skiers. Slalom and Giant Slalom are Snowboard specific events.  We encourage all ages, adaptive action sports athletes, wounded warriors, all abilities.

How do I qualify for Nationals?

First place finisher overall in each discipline in each age group automatically qualifies for Nationals. Any additional qualifying spots in the age group are granted to next highest points based on the National Ranking system. See rulebook for full explanation (103.06). Qualifiers from the National Rankings will be notified via email March 15th. The email address that your Nationals invitation is sent to is the address that was submitted with your USASA membership.

Coaches Notices

All coaches wishing to receive a complimentary coach ticket at the contests must be current USASA members and have at least a level 100 coaches certification. See Coaches page for more information. Also, please take some time to read the rulebook. 


read all of the info above, and still have questions?  ask Scott Palmer   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2014-2015 Event Results


1/3/15 Rail Jam #1 Results  

1/10/15 Slopestyle #1 Results

1/11/2015 Slopestyle #2 Results

1/18/2015 Rail Jam #2 Results

1/19/2015 Slalom #2 Results

1/19/2015 Giant Slalom #2 Results

1/24/2015 BX #1 Results

1/25/2015 BX #2 Results

1/31/2015 Slopestyle #3 Results

2/1/2015 Pipe #1Results

2/7/15 BX #3 Results

2/8/15 BX #4 Results

2/15/15 Rail Jam #3 Results

2/21/15 Slopestyle #4 Results

2/22/15 Halfpipe #2 Results

2/28/15 Slalom #3 Results

2/28/15 Giant Slalom #3 Results

3/1/15 Halfpipe #3 Results

3/8/15 Slalom #1Results

3/8/15 Giant Slalom #1 Results

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