Saturday May 23, 2015

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Jackie Hernandez in New ZealandI finally got home from what seemed like 3 days of travel. Flying across the world really takes a lot out of you but it is totally worth it! The 3 week camp at Cardrona with the US Team was awesome! It was not only really beneficial for my riding but it was a blast! The course was perfect for training. It was super technical and challenging to link everything together. There was a lot for me to work on and definitely learned some skills that I was lacking. We did have a couple days when we couldn’t go up because of bad weather, but other then that, a really successful trip!  Also, there are some other national team training down here too, like Australia, Russia, Bulgaria and Norway, so its cool to be able to ride with them too.

When we aren’t at the mountain, Wanaka is a rad little town. Lindsey Jacobellis and I went to shoot archery Katniss style three times! Fellow USASA team member Hagen Kearney came with us once too. It is so fun! I might want to get my own and try to master my skills. On one of the weather days, we went and played paintball against the Russian team. That was a blast! I have never played paintball before and it was crazy. I had a lot of fun.

The Continental Cups at the end of the camp were just fun little races to get the season started but really good training. I ended up falling both days in finals, but I learned a lot. Its all about getting experience on course with people around you. Both falls involved going for a pass so I am happy with my riding and the progress I made throughout the camp. Now I am just more excited to get the season rolling and start racing my tail off!

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See you this winter!
Jackie Hernandez

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