Saturday May 23, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Best Lil’ Rascal Trick – Single Trick

Boy:  Preston Hallen                          age 8          South Lake Tahoe, CA              South Tahoe Series             

Girl:  Kinsley White                            age 8          Santa Clarita, CA                        Unbound Series   


Creative Mini Shred

Boy: Jared Miller                                 age 6          Oak Grove, MN                             Upper Midwest Alt Series

Girl: Ana Perez                                      age 9          Bend, Or                                           Central Oregon/Enter The Dragon Series 


Big Bag of Tricks - Variety

Boy: Evan Langston                            age 9          Mammoth Lakes, CA                Unbound Series

Girl: Molly Kern                                    age 8          Bend, OR                                          Central Oregon/Enter The Dragon Series 

Extraordinary Sport”rascal”ship – Sportsmanship/Good Attitude

Boy: Ethan Heinstein                        age 6          Berkeley, CA                                  North Tahoe Series

Girl:  Elan Fleetwood                         age 9          Parker, CO                                       Rocky Mtn Series


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