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The following USASA members are running for One Riders Rep position on the USASA Executive Board.  Check out their bios and be ready to vote when you get to Nationals!

Matt Volpe

As a member of the board, I will work hard to make sure that decisions are made in the best interest of our riders. I have been involved in many different aspects of USASA over the years, from competing in my home series of San Gabriel CA, to judging events, to working as a volunteer for my local series and for this past year, serving as Riders rep on the board. My life revolves around snowboarding and I always look forward to competing in the next USASA events with my friends. When I'm not competing, you'll find me split boarding in the backcountry of B.C. or studying hard at Simon Fraser University.

-Matt Volpe

Matt has served the past year as one of the two Rider Representatives and is now running for another 2 year term.

Will Sequino:

I would like to be considered for a “Rider Rep.”  I have competed with USASA since 1993.  I competed professionally for multiple brands from 1996-2000 in the US Open, North American Championships, AST series, Vans Triple Crown, Continental Open, and many other.  I have finished as high as 2nd in the USASA National Championships and have won more than 20 regional USASA events in Vermont and Colorado.  Currently I have come back to the USASA and compete as an old washed up guy and am having a blast.  I would love to help further amateur snowboarding.  Currently I own 2 businesses and learned that in business as in snowboarding, hard work, dedication, and practice are keys to being successful and I want to bring that experience to the organization.

Shaun Aichholz:

AKA: Yögürt
Favorite Rider: Terje
Stance: Regular
Seasons competing: 17
Participates in: USASA, USSA, AASI, BGOS
Coach: Scott Palmer
Favorite Discipline: HP
Best result: N/A
Sponsors: The Pantry in South Londonderry, VT

Goals for next season:
1. Win Nationals
2. Make USASA Team
3. 1st Aid & CPR/ judging/ coach certs.
4. Grand Prix Semi Finals
5. Feature Story in Transworld Business
6. Qualify for the US Open Semi Finals.
7. Doubles
8. A 80 foot gap
9. A pro model
10. SAT's

I would be stoked to be on the USASA snowboard team because having that type of support network is vital to a riders progression. As Rider Representative it would allow me to continue my involvement in the snowboarding industry and make a positive impact on the youth in today's society.

Thank you,
Shaun Aichholz

Donny Malone:

A considerable representative for U.S.A.S.A. would be Catskill Mountain Series rider Donny Malone. Donny began competing while in the season program at his local Hunter Mountain. He broke the ice with a boarder-cross race at Hunter. Becoming more involved Donny joined the Hunter Mountain Competition Snowboard Team, the following year. As an all mountain rider, Malone competed in all 5 disciplines. In 2007 Donny was invited to the National Championships, at North Star, Tahoe. Donny was not the only one competing.  His younger brother by eight years, who is a freestyle skier, also was invited and so began the Malone family entree into competitions.  Malone ended his competition season that year at the bottom of the charts and he finished saying “I have no chance…”

But Malone did not give up and continued to compete the following year along with his brother. In 2008 Donny was still at the end of the list but better than the previous year. Continuing with all 5 events and leaving the Hunter Mountain team, Malone worked his way to the top. In 2011 Malone was honored as the 2nd place National Champion for Overall, working without a coach.
Malone is returning to the 2012 U.S.A.S.A. Championships as a team rider for Never Summer Industries and as a certified U.S.A.S.A. coach. This Season Donny has collected 13 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals, in his regional series. He is currently nationally ranked 4th in boarder-cross, 4th in giant slalom, 2nd in slalom, 8th in half pipe and 13th in slope style.

Malone would be a perfect candidate for a representative because he is not only involved in the snowboarding aspect of the events but also in the free skiing because of his brother. This would be Malone’s fifth year at the games. He has also been through the separation of skiers and riders. Malone could bring a new edge to the federation and with his experience as a competitor, coach, and being part of both disciplines.  He is looked up to by the younger members of his series as a mentor and advisor.  Malone has an inside perspective of the sport, competing regionally and at Championships.  Malone believes that it is not always about winning.  “Competition and participation in the regional series teaches you a great deal of skills and gives you experiences that assist you in all aspects of your life.”

Donny would be honored and work hard to represent snowboarder and skier perspectives on the Executive Board.

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