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USASA Technical Supervisors

USASA Technical Supervisors

What is a Technical Supervisor

 The Technical Supervisor, or TS, serves as the lead USASA official in charge of the management of USASA events.  Their job is defined in the Technical Supervisors Manual as follows:

(To)Enforce the rules and directives of the USASA, ensure the fairness and safety of the event, advise event organizers, and serve as the official representative of the USASA. The TS normally works at the behest of a regional series director or, in the case of the national championship, is hired by the Competition Director.  Their daily rate of pay varies from region to region and may be based on the level of event and the experience that he or she brings to the job.  Once the TS is hired, whether it is a one-day event or an entire season within a series, he or she is responsible for everything related to the field of play including, but not limited to, the management of all competition staff, officials & volunteers, athlete and public safety, course layout and/or setting, proper communication, and the verification and submittal of the official results.

Certification Levels

There are four levels of certification within the USASA, with Level 1 being the starting point.  TS’s must take a clinic administered by a level 3 or level 4 TS to either become a TS or to upgrade to a higher level.  All TS’s are required to complete an online test and rules review each season to maintain their certification. Most regional series operate with a TS1 or TS2 in charge of their events.

Click here to access the Technical Supervisor requirements.

If you have never been certified as a USASA TS, here is what you need to do to earn your certification:

1) Register as a member of the USASA

 2) Obtain nomination / recommendation letter from one of the following

            a)      Regional series director

            b)      Current Level 2 TS

3) Provide USASA National Office ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), proof of completion, of:

* CDC concusion

* USOC safesport

4) Attend and pass 2-day USASA TS Clinic.

5) Pass NCSI background check.  Upon completion of the clinic, Clinician shall give attendees NCSI background check registration letter.  Follow instructions outlined in the letter.   USASA will receive confirmation letter from NCSI.

Should there be a “Red Flag” situation, or more information requested, candidates will be contacted by the USASA National Office.

For more info, please see

Schedule of clinics, nationwide, are posted on

Cost of each two-day clinic is $120.00


Clinics are held regionally across the country, generally in the Fall, and are conducted by our most experienced officials.  New candidates must be nominated by a current TS 2 or a series director (SD).  It is strongly recommended that aspiring TS’s have snowsports management and/or prior event experience and have spent time working within a regional series. 

To find the clinic nearest you consult the schedule & registration page posted on the USASA website - here .  Registration costs $120 for the two-day clinic.  In addition, a TS must be a current member of the USASA to serve as an active, practicing TS.  Membership fees are not included in the clinic cost.

All TS’s start out as a level 1 and either work to upgrade their status through further clinics or maintain their current level by taking yearly, online update tests and by reviewing rules changes and directives of the Technical Commission.  Annual online updates cost $10.  Information and directions to take the test are sent to certified TS’s each Fall.


Technical Supervisors who have let their certification lapse should start by checking their status on the TS Directory – here.  If you are listed in the directory then you will receive information in the Fall to take your annual online update and rules review.  If you are not in the directory, contact the national office ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).  Provide your full name, USASA member #, Series Affiliation, and details of your situation.  You will receive instructions on how to proceed.


USASA Technical Commission

The USASA Technical Commission is responsible for preparing a Rulebook, writing an Amateur Code, creating a Responsibility Code, setting the age categories, deciding the formats of the Nationals, and resolving Appeals.  It is also the job of the Technical Commission to sanction the Trainers Division of USASA in order to certify Judges, Technical Supervisors and Coaches, and to help the Regions with the personnel necessary to run their events.

The people involved in running USASA events are the Regional Series Directors, the Technical Supervisors, the Head Judge and Judges, and the Referees. These people are all subject to the Rules as well as giving the competitors the right to Protest and Appeal if they feel they have been wronged.

The Technical Commission aims to control the quality of USASA events at all levels.  This is accomplished through the writing and constant updating of the USASA Rules, the education and certification of officials, the publishing and distribution of guidelines and educational material, the settlement of protests and appeals, and the constant quest to follow the evolution and the development of the sport.


TS Forms

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pdf Technical Supervisor Requirements

Gate Card

Incident Report

TS Report

Protest Form

Jury Decisions

Riders Meeting

Disqualification List

USASA TS Manual 12-13

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