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USASA Officials News and Information

USASA Officials include Technical Supervisors (TS), Series Directors, Head Judges, Judges, Referees and other individuals involved in running our competitions.  These people are all subject to the USASA Rulebook.  USASA has certification programs for Technical Supervisors, Judges and Coaches.  This page covers information primarily for Technical Supervisors.  For more specific information on the Coaching and Judging programs, check out the Coaches page and the Judges page.

Technical Supervisor Overview

USASA currently offers two levels of certification:

Level 1 for Regional TS & Level 2 for National TS.

Technical Commission

The Technical Commission aims to control the quality of USASA events across the county.  This is accomplished in conjunction with the Freestyle Commission and Trainers Division through the writing and constant updating of the USASA Rules, the education and certification of officials, the publishing and distribution of guidelines and educational material, the settlement of protests and appeals, and the constant quest to follow the evolution and development of snowboarding.


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