Friday May 22, 2015

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NZlifestylepicName: Codey Ellison
Age: 18
Hometown: Bethany, CT
Current Residence: Frisco, CO
Stance: Regular; 15,-10

How many years have you been in competitive snowboarding?
5 years.

What club and or snowboard camps have you participated with in the past?
Mount Snow Competition Team, Mount Snow Academy, Park City Snowboard Academy, VSSC, SSWSC.

What is your strongest/favorite discipline in your snowboarding?

What are some of your past competition experiences?
Snowboarding contests have taken me all over the world. I have learned about many cultures, which have influenced my view on life. I have met great people, some who have become fantastic friends and people I look up to. Being able to travel the world for something I love, I have become so grateful for my terrific life.

What are your sponsors  and or hook-ups?
USASA, O'neill, Smith Optics, Neff, Oneballjay Wax, Mtn. Riders

What is your workout/stretch routine in the past?
I always try to go to the Breck Rec. Center everyday after riding. Which would include: beginning with a nice stretch, then off to the spin bike to warm up my legs, next do some core workouts, afterwards stretch and foam roll to loosen up my muscles, finally ending it off with a nice swim/hot tub session.

What are your goals for the season?
I really focus my time on snow to get my tricks as consistent as possible. I plan on getting all four double corks, and would really like to try a cab triple cork 1260! Also, I would like to show the youth how they should think about snowboarding as just becoming professional and making money, but having fun!

Why are you STOKED to be on the USASA SNOWBOARD TEAM?
I am so stoked to be apart of the USASA snowboard team because growing up I always looked up to them and set goals to be apart of such an exclusive team! Also, the other riders on the team are so skilled, and I look forward to shredding with them and being able to feed of each others talent!

Shout  Outs
Shot out to my parents Nina and Jack, and my sister Nichole. Also, Tyler Anderson who is so much fun to ride with, and would like to thank my sponsors!

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