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Madeline Wiencke

wienckeName: Madeline Wiencke
Age: 20
Sign: Pisces
Hometown: White Bear Lake, MN
Current Residence: Steamboat, CO
Favorite Mountain: Steamboa
Best Contest Result: 1st Place Open Class Women's Slalom, 2009 USASA National Championships

If you could go anywhere in the world for vacation, where would you go and who would you take? I’m always traveling around to beautiful but also snowy and cold places, so for vacation I would go anywhere warm and tropical with a nice sandy beach and where the motto in town was “no shirt, no shoes, no problem.” And I would take with me anyone who wanted to come!

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies that you are proud of? In the summer I love to sail. Both of my parents sail and someday I want to sail around the world.

What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the PacSun USASA Team? I want to inspire people to never give up on their goals and dreams, whatever they may be. Because, though I am not even close to accomplishing all of mine, I already know that it is worth all of the sacrifices I have had to make for them.

What does snowboarding mean to you? Everything. In one way or another, it is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and it’s what I dream about at night…and it has been that way for as long as I can remember. To put it simply, it is hands down the love of my life!

What is your favorite brand at PacSun right now? Billabong and Volcom

What item of clothing at PacSun is on your wishlist? WESC Brittan Shorts


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