2017 Nationals Pricing and Friends and Family Tickets

Event Registration

1 event:  $325
2 events: $355
3 events: $385
4 events: $415
5 events: $445
6 events: $450

ALL competitors will get a 7 of 10 day lift ticket for Copper. This will allow every competitor to ride 7 days out of 10 starting on April 1st, 2017. This includes skiers as well. Even if you are only competing in one event, you still get 7 days of snowboarding/skiing!

Pre- Training Tickets

Pre-training tickets are available Thursday, March 30th and Friday, March 31st for $45.00 at Group Ticketing ONLY. A current 2017 USASA membership card or proof of membership is required to purchase tickets.

Friends & Family – Lift Tickets


Foot Passenger Ticket on Union Creek and American Eagle