What's Been Happening - First 3 Days of Snowboard Nationals

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The mobile scoring app fueled by @kyoceramobile and @verizon, along with the sponsor supplied WiFi hotspots (which enable the judges to upload scores in real time) have proven to be invaluable tools to the athletes, coaches, family, friends and supporters on site at Copper Mountain Resort.  The mobile app has also proven to be a handy resource for people who are not on-site.  The app enables them to keep track of everything from afar.

Be sure to check out the other features contained on the app.  Starts lists for each of the disciplines are available for each group.

Results, which are divided by group, are then subdivided by each day's event for viewing.

A copy of the Rider's Guide is also available through the app.

There is a direct link from the main page to the portal for VAST Action Photography.  VAST has seven photographers covering events every day, including the award ceremonies and evening Rail Jams.  They upload the photos on a daily basis for everyone's viewing pleasure.  Due to the volume of images, the data needed for the search feature has been experiencing delays. You can still look through the photos from each discipline and identify riders by their attire and/or bib number.

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@Kindsnacks have been presenting "Kindness Awards" at each day's award ceremony based on nominations from each USASA Regional Series Director. From the healthy snacks we make to the way we work, live and give back, our focus is on making the world a little kinder, one snack and one act at a time.  The Regional Kind award is presented to the athlete/member that best exemplified, spread and celebrated kindness throughout the USASA season.  Congrats to all of the winners so far.

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