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02-16 From Moms of Groms3

We are truly grateful for the awesome emails coming in from you, dedicated parents of our incredible members, sharing your testimonies and stories.  Here is a great letter from Alicia, mother of 7 year old Bennet from our Upper Midwest Alt Series.

"Hello –
Bennett has competed in the Upper Midwest Alt series for the past two years as a ruggie. Going into the series we were not sure what to expect. Lauren, Jay and the whole team were so helpful in getting Bennett set up to compete & in helping us understand how the USASA works. It has been amazing to watch Bennett's growth - competing offers so many opportunities to these young athletes. Bennett looks forward to the competitions; seeing friends and having fun are what it is all about! Big thanks to the USASA for so many amazing experiences!

Alicia Schneider
7 yr old Bennett’s mom"

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