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 Olympic Gold Medalist and former USASA Junior National Team member, Kaitlyn Farrington, hones her backcountry skills with USASA newest partner, SASS Global Travel. Photo: Ben Girardi

As we continue to define opportunities for USASA members we are always on the lookout for companies that are as passionate as we are in helping kids make the most of their love of the outdoors while skiing and snowboarding.  SASS are the pioneers of providing proper education and guidance in the backcounty, and have exemplified the ability to help teach young adults how to define their own personal version of success on snow which is why we're proud to announce SASS Global Travel as USASA's newest partner.


SASS Argentina guides teaching backcountry safety. Photo: Ben Girardi

At USASA we know the importance of building an all around foundation in your skiing and riding.  This also comes with having the proper knowledge before venturing into the backcountry. SASS will help you gain respect for the environment and give you the tools required to stay safe while enjoying the mountains.

SASS Argentina is a big mountain backcountry guided ski and snowboard camp for all ages. They take advantage of full-on winter conditions in the heart of summer to create a platform for athletes to take their skiing or riding to the next level. Experiential education, cultural emersion and a ridiculous amount of fun are just the beginning.  Learn to build backcountry jumps, practice big mountain line selection, learn about backcountry safety, land new tricks in pow, seek out natural features and crush POW all while following an all-star cast of professional guides and coaches.

“We are so excited to offer USASA athletes the opportunity to take their skiing or riding in an alternative direction,” says Pete Connolly, Mountain Operations Director and Guide at SASS Argentina. “As the sport evolves, we pride ourselves in offering a unique platform for pushing into the backcountry. USASA athletes are perfect for our program as they get to take their competition skills into bigger terrain and develop a new understanding of what it takes to be successful in the mountains.”

“Coming from a coaching background in which my athletes were competing in USASA events and beyond, I love being able to show them the next level by introducing these kids to this other side of the sport,” says Travis Moore, SASS’s managing director. “I’ve seen first hand how much riding big mountain terrain and learning to take to the air on natural features helps to progress an athlete’s overall abilities. Not to mention how special it is to explore a new culture and experience full-on winter in the middle of our summer.”

"SASS has approached the development of young adults in a very unique way. By providing top notch guides and an extensive outdoor education and cultural immersion program, they have developed a holistic approach to helping young adults redefine their skiing and riding. We are stoked to be able to connect them with our members.”  Michael Mallon, USASA Executive Director

SASS Global Travel will be set up at USASA Nationals at Copper. Make sure to stop by their tent to meet the crew, ask any questions you might have and sign up for a chance to win a session at SASS Argentina this summer. 

SASS is excited to offer valid USASA members $300 off the cost of a session at SASS Argentina 2017Click HERE to find out more about the SASS Argentina experience and what makes it a great summer training opportunity for USASA athletes. Click HERE to read about the success of previous USASA athletes at SASS Argentina. Click HERE to inquire.