Thursday May 28, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Mikey PerleHey Everyone,

Just checking in before a long flight to Europe. The season has gone quick and we are moving into spring. Hope everyone’s season has gone as well as mine or better. I started in Austria in November and went to Colorado after a good two week training camp before the official start of the season in the U.S. I then started my long winter. A trip to Telluride for a U.S team SBX camp, and into competitions. I started off in Tahoe at the Rev. Tour finishing 3rd in halfpipe, then onto the boardercross tear. A long stretch of events starting at Copper, and to where I am today, on my way to Valmalenco for my first World Cups of my career. Hope you are all stoked for Nationals, and I will be seeing you there. Be sure to check out my new website

Mikey Perle


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