Monday May 25, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

cover_shotHey all,

This season has started and I think Tahoe is finally going to get some snow this week! I spent my first month of the season in Colorado doing the Grand Prix and Rev tour and the halfpipe was perfect as always and surprisingly the weather was great to. It was a slow start getting back into the contest groove again but I eventually began landing some new tricks. It was awesome to be back with everyone in contests. The Grand Prix didn't go as planned, but it was good to see Kelly Clark send it and take 1st. It was also awesome to see Maddy Schaffrick come back from an injury and absolutely kill it and get 2nd!

After the holidays, Northstar got there pipe up and I have been riding everyday. The new 22ft pipe is perfect and smooth. It is definitely one of the best pipes I have ever ridden and its right in my back yard. I am working on some new tricks and putting some new things together before the next contest and can't wait to compete again.
Recently I landed myself a squaw ad in Tahoe Snowboard Magazine and I couldn't be happier! So everyone should check it out!!

Pray for snow! Tahoe needs it!

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