Saturday May 30, 2015

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Hey everyone,

IMG_0063Hope your seasons been great. I think last time I posted a blog I was on my way to Mammoth, California to compete in the Grand Prix. So lets pick up from there. After placing 3rd at the Grand Prix at the Canyons, I headed to Mammoth. The weather was pretty crumby so practice kept getting pushed back. When it finally came time for us to practice Slope Style it was a little windy. Practice was so much fun and the jumps were great. I was trying to ride cautiously because the wind was so unpredictable. Unfortunatel,y when I hit the third jump, I had caught a quick back wind that sent me far past the knuckle.

When I landed, I heard my knee pop. I instantly knew something was wrong. Later I got X rays and an MRI scan. My acl was torn and my meniscus was shredded. I just got surgery a few days ago, and am now on my way to recovery. I am super bummed that I can't compete in Nationals, but I am trying to come out and visit for a day or two durring the event. I start college at Westminster in May, and will be working out and studying all summer. I will be back strong for next season. Good luck to all my fellow teammates competing at Nationals.

Just checking in,


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