Sunday May 24, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Taylor GoldThe last month in Colorado has been busy, but super fun. I did the Grand Prix and Revolution Tour at Copper towards the beginning of the month, then the Dew Tour at Breckenridge at the end of the month. During all three competitions, the riders faced some challenging weather conditions, like snow and flat light, but I was fortunate enough to land at least one run in each competition. It was also great to see many of the people I never see during the summer. Many members of the PacSun USASA Team attended the events and it was cool to see everybody killing it.

The 22 foot half pipes at both venues were perfect for riders to progress. Many of the tricks I had trouble with last year have become easier. I'm looking forward to some time to work on new tricks in the half pipe and to riding some slope style. Unfortunately, on Christmas Day I broke my wrist, but with the new cast, I was able to ride four days later. Overall, it has been an awesome start to the season that exceeded my expectations and I'm looking forward to more riding throughout the next four months. I want to thank the PacSun USASA Team, Cholula, Burton, Oakley, Windells, Powdertools, Steamboat, and GoPro for all their support. Enjoy my December Edit!

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