Tuesday May 26, 2015

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Hey All,

RevTour2I am just checking in. I recently just got home from my first trip to CO and had the time of my life.The pipe was perfect and there was good vibes everywhere. I competed in the Grand Prix at Copper as well as the Revolution Tour. It was my first grand prix I have ever competed in and had a blast. I landed one of my runs and fell on the other and ended up getting 17th out of 40 women in halfpipe. The Revolution Tour  was so much fun and went really well. Finals ran a little late, but riding in the dark didn't stop anyone from landing their runs. I ended up getting 3rd place and another PacSun rider, Spencer Shaw, taking first for the men. Everyone rode extremely well and am so excited for the rest of the season!

I am back in Tahoe and we are getting so much snow right now! POW DAY!!! My next travels will be to the rev tour in Mt. Hood, Oregon and will keep everyone posted on how I do. Stay tuned

Jenna Dramise

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