Friday May 29, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Hey guys whats poppin!

Just got back from an amazing trip to New Zealand for the JR Worlds. The contest was super sick and the setup was one of the most fun comp setups i've ridden. Heres the set up,  flat bar, 30ft jump, 45ft jump, 55ft jump, cannon box. The course had a ton of flow to it which made it so much fun.

We got to ride at Snowpark and Cadrona. These two mountains have some of the sickest free riding and some of the most fun rails and jumps. It was pretty awesome to ride on some snow while its summertime at home! The whole lifestyle out in NZ is pretty awesome, the whole driving on the left side of the road was pretty crazy to me as well!

Well our season is coming up pretty quick and cant wait to shred with all the PAC SUN team again! Lets hope for a super rad season and for a bunch of snow!!



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