Thursday May 28, 2015

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PacSun Team 2010Hello everybody! So this summer has been really busy! I started off the summer by heading out to Mt. Hood, Oregon for some summer shredding. The PacSun team is privileged to have the opportunity of going out to Windells Camp and riding there all summer and use ALL their facilities. I met up with Jeanna Dramise out in Oregon and we rode with Matt Guf, the head coach for the Windells Snowboard Academy. It was really rad out in Hood. We rode all day and the conditions out there were awesome. Although the first day I was skating and I fell on my wrist and hurt it. So I was confined to keeping it mellow all week so I didn’t hurt it more. The week was awesome we went out to dinner and had food challenges and ate super weird things, shredded a bunch and met a bunch of awesome people. Windells is really on point this summer and has so many new things. 2 airbags, 2 tow ropes, and a brand new cement skatepark: which might be the most fun thing I have ever skated. Definitely get out there and ride!

Then I headed back to Colorado for the Woodward Camp with the PacSun Team. Almost all the team got out to Woodward. Although, like a fool I totally forgot about it since I live in Colorado I thought I would remember the camp. So the next day I showed up ready to shred and for Colorado, Woodward actually has an awesome set up. They have one really fun jump; a bunch of rails/boxes, an airbag jump, and 3 little jumps. So we rode most of the day and then headed down for some snow flex, skating, and trampoline session. Everyone was progressing and having a blast. Other than snowboarding on hill, snowboarding off hill and all the other facilities Woodward have, they also have go-carts, and bumper boats for FREE! Which was definitely a good time! Meeting the new team was a real good time and inspiring the other campers at Woodward was a blast. I had a great time! This summer should be a blast! Next stop: New Zealand. I’ll update you then!

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