Saturday May 23, 2015

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Below is an update from Trevor about his experience in Ultimate Boarder last week. I just need to add to it how incredibly rad this kid is, he KILLED it and represented USASA, PacSun USASA Snowboard Team and the sport of snowboarding amazingly. He won the Snowboard contest which wouldn't surprise anyone who knows him but I personally witnessed the skate contest on Saturday and I have to say that he skated so well most people in attendance assumed he was a pro skater. He earned major respect from all in attendance including the likes of Dave Duncan and pro skate legends Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi. It was inspiring for me and my kids to watch Trevor throw down some of the most exciting and creative lines of anyone there with a huge smile and positive attitude and energy the whole time. The scary thing is he is that good on a BMX bike too! I am proud to have Trevor as part of the USASA family and as a personal friend as well. Trevor, you rule. Practice your surfing so you can win the whole thing next year!

Jason Toutolmin

Hey everyone!

Last Tuesday I entered an event called Ultimate Boarder. It's a contest that consisted of 50 guys and one girl, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins. The contest has Surfing, Snowboarding, and Skateboarding. And whoever is the most consistent at all 3 becomes "The Ultimate Boarder."

It started off in San Diego at a place called Seaside Reef. I went down a few days early and surfed a little bit to practice because I dont get much time to surf throughout the year. So the day of surf part came. I paddled out, and couldn't get anything! I finished my first heat barely getting 1 wave. Got on the beach and it didn't help for Todd Richards to come up to me and say, "Oh, yeah a guy got eaten by a shark here last year." It was not a very encouraging thing to say before going back in the water for my second heat. I was a little sketch about it but I guess it wasn't going to stop me from going back out.

Second heat went down and I caught a few waves but not much. The surf finished up and I ended up 3rd to last. This was a big reality check. I realized, wow, I'm going to have to really do well in the snow and skate to get up in the top places.

So everybody packed up and headed to Northstar At Tahoe for the snowboard side of things. Contest day came and the course was pretty fun, the course was really quick and close together but it was fun. It was really cool to watch all of the surfers and skateboarders, snowboard. My first run came and I landed it. I was pretty stoked after my first run. After my run, Shayne Pospisil dropped in and took me out of 1st place and took the top spot. It was time, my second run was up. The time to try an take out Shaynes score. I dropped in and stepped my run up from the 1st one. I did 50/50 frontside 540 off of the flat rail, then a cab 900 off the jump, then a frontside 5 off of the hip at the bottom. I upped my score by 5 points and scored a 93.75. I ended up winning the snowboard part of the contest. I was really pumped to win. It meant a lot to me to compete against some of the guys I looked up to my whole life like Kurt Wastell and Todd Richards.

So the snowboard part rapped up and we headed down to the Grand Sierra in Reno for the skateboarding part. After the snow section I moved from 47th overall to 23rd in rankings. So anyway, we headed to the skate ramp and started practicing. It was pretty crazy. 50 dudes trying to skate this ramp all at once can get pretty gnarly. The skate practice ended. So we went to bed looking forward to the contest the next day. Practice started at 9am the next day. We got down there and skated for a little while. Then the heats started.

I did my heat and felt like I rode pretty good. All the rest of the heats went and they named the top 10 that made the finals. I qualified for the finals so I was pretty amped. Finals began and I started to skate. Everyone was skating sick and the 15 minute jam session ended. Everyone was just chilling around the ramp and having a good time, waiting for the awards for the whole contest. They announced the awards. I actually got 5th in skate and finished off with a 10th place overall. After the awards we went over to the Pennywise concert which was an honor to watch and be on stage with them. I was super pumped on the whole contest and everyone involved.

Thanks to Tim Hoover the founder of the contest for putting it on. Also tune into MTV2 on April 3rd around 8:00am to watch the TV episode we filmed up there. Good times and good people. I need to work on my surfing and hopefully do better or win next year. I had a lot of fun and encourage everyone who likes to do all 3 sports to do the contest. Hope you all are doing well and I'll see you at Nationals!

Trevor Jacob

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