Tuesday May 26, 2015

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photo-1Hey everybody! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. Since Mammoth I’ve been in Canada for 2 weeks. It was a really fun trip. We were riding at the Canadian Olympic Park (not where the Olympics are this year) and we found out that’s where they filmed Cool Running’s, the Jamaican bobsled movie, which was pretty awesome.

The first week we were there we did the Canadian World Cup, the course was really fun and the pipe was also good. I made finals in both pipe and slope but got 7th in slopestyle. So I was pretty happy with that performance. The next week we had the Canadian Open. I was already really tired from having a contest every day last week, and still had to go through all the rounds of the Open. I made it threw all the rounds and qualified 2nd into finals for slopestyle and 10th in pipe. For pipe I rode pretty well and ended up 10th in the finals.

photo-2The next day was slopestyle finals. It was freezing cold that day! It was hard to stay warm but I landed my first run and ended up winning the slopestyle event! So I was really happy with that. Right after the contest though my coach Brady and I had to go try and catch a flight at 3:20 when the contest got over at 2:00. We hurried over to the airport but missed our flight, so we signed up for stand by for the 6:30 flight. After waiting to see if we were going to get into that flight we got our confirmation that we got on! That was a huge weight off our shoulders! We missed the super bowl, which was a bummer but happy the Saints won! I ended up getting home around 1 o clock that morning! But it was well worth it and was an awesome trip!

Talk to you guys soon!







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