Tuesday May 26, 2015

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pbjphotoHey everybody :)  I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know what I've been doing.

Girl Powder picked me up last month. I spent a week with the GP team, here in Tahoe, helping them model some of their clothing and was honored to star in one of their videos. It turned out to be a great week and it was so cool getting to know everyone.

Sierra-at-Tahoe was making a short video on some of their park features in Bashful and they wanted to throw a girl in the mix, so I got to shred with a bunch of older dudes that day! lol. I had so much fun! I pulled my first spin of the year that day and nailed it!

Volcom's annual Peanut Butter and Rail Jam was held at Sierra-at-Tahoe, January 2nd, on the bunny hill. I love to participate in this event. There is so much energy and there are no individual runs, everyone just goes. Eighteen girls showed up and we all had a blast! Lunch was, of course, PB&J! But, if you wanted any, you would have to go through a stampede. It was sooo fun! I won a colorful back-pack, some electric goggles, "magical go,go" wax (That's what they called it. It really is just ordinary wax! lol) and other swag for getting 3rd place.

My younger brother, Joshua, and I were invited to help film with Sierra-at-Tahoe, January 6th. We were shooting park features again, but this time we were shredding in the progression park and the bunny hill. It was so much fun! There were about 15 of us and we all bombed down Lower Main on our first run when it was freshly groomed!

We had our first USASA of the year January 9th and 10th, it was GS and Slalom. I'm competing in Open Class again this year and I'm really loving it.  Racing against a really fast chick was awesome! I had to push myself to keep up. Our times ended up being super close. I was so stoked to get a gold medal in Slalom after getting silver ones from the last three races. GS and Slalom aren't my favorites, but I'm looking forward to doing them again.
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