Monday May 25, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

IMG_08491So I went home to Minnesota for thanksgiving and my plan was to come back to LA for a few days of school and head to Colorado friday the 4th so I would have a week of practice before the Grand Prix  at Copper. Unfortunately the sunday before I started having severe stomach pains, I tried to push through it but the next night I could not handle it anymore and I went to Urgant Care who sent me to the Emergency room who a few hours later admitted me to the hospital. It turns out I had a virus called colitis which was caused by severe food poisoning. I was forced to stay there for 6 days and was not able to eat any food for the first 5. That being said I missed my flight to Colorado and figured I would not be competing the in Grand Prix. However, two days after I was let out (monday) I was feeling alot better and really did not want to sit in California during the grand prix. So me, my roomate, my mom (who flew in to stay in the hospitol with me) all drove to CO on tuesday. We arrived at 8:30 on wednesday morning which was just in time for practice. It was absolutely freezing so I only got a few runs in. The next day I started feeling a little more comfortable in the pipe and landed a very very conservative run for the Grand Prix. Although I didn't place very well it was worth it to be riding with all my friends. It was such a fun adventure and a good start to the season! Up next.. MAMMOTH!

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