Wednesday May 27, 2015

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MikeAndMimiHey everyone! Last week was our second week on snow here in Colorado. We have been staying in a huge house in Keystone with the rest of our team plus two Dutch Girls and two Japanese guys, and it's pretty crowded! We have been going back and forth between training at Copper Mountain and A-Basin each week, and so far training has been pretty relaxed, with everyone just trying to get their feet back underneath them and we haven't had to be on the hill any earlier than 9am, which has been great! That is all going to change though this week, when we start a five day, 7am training session at A-Basin.

However, despite having to wake up earlier than anyone would like too, this week should be a lot of fun because we will get to have timing set up with our gate training for the first time this fall. Mike and I both have a lot of equipment testing to do, and having timing to help us test can be really important. When a matter of winning or losing a race can come down to a hundreth of a second, it is important to know which boot or binding set up is going to give you that extra inch. Oh and another plus to super early morning lift lines and freshly groomed runs all to ourselves!

Tomorrow, our good friend and US Board-Cross Team member Callan Chythlook-Sifsof will be flying in to train with us for the week. She was out all of last season with a knee injury so it will be great to see and ride with her again!

Check back in with us soon!

Mike and Mimi

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