Friday May 29, 2015

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Hey everyone, It’s been a great season!! Let’s start with Japan. The trip overall was amazing. It was quite the journey, it took us a total of 34 hours from Sunday River, Maine to our hotel in Japan. In boardercross I placed 8th in time trial and but got bumped in my first heat, ended up 9th overall. After competing, my dad and I went with the physical therapist and the doctor to visit the snow monkeys. There were so many of them and most of them were sitting in a hot spring. We were so close we could touch them. Halfpipe came soon after, I only had a few hours to practice before the competition. The pipe was soft and hard to ride but after a few runs it all started to come together. I felt good going into the event but fell in both of my competition runs.

Spain was my favorite of the three. The resort was small and there was not much snow at all. It was an easy boardercross course and the pipe was sick. The weather was great each day, after snowboarding the girls would lay out in the sun. I didn’t do so great in the event but traveling with the US boardercross team was a good experience for me and I felt like I learned a lot riding with Lindsey and hearing what the coaches had to say about my riding. After the event we spent a day touring Barcelona. We rented vespa scooters and rode them around all day. We had to ride two to a scooter and of course the boardercross boys were weaving in and out of traffic. We had a couple of crashes but for the most part the scooters stayed intact.

When we arrived in Italy we had a day to free ride before practice. It was so warm and we rode tree lines and dropped cliffs. The boardercross course was unreal, it was so much fun to ride. Unfortunately the day of practice I pushed myself a little too hard and tumbled through one of the roller sections and fractured my pelvis and possibly had a first degree separation in my ac joint. It was painful and I spent 5 hours at the hospital. I was unable to compete. The day of time trials Lindsey did the same thing and got a major concusion and also was unable to compete. So as far as US goes no girls competed in boardercross. My recovery time is supposed to be five weeks but I am already feeling so much better and I will be competing in USASA Nationals. See you all there!!


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