Friday May 22, 2015

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EOS12374.jpg What a blast. The crew we had going was Tyler Anderson, Trevor Jacob, Derek Johnson, Jason Toutolmin, and Stacie Perry. We started off the trip in a 7 passenger mini van with 6 people packed in there along with 4 board bags and 7 travel bags, we were all pinned up against the walls, other than Jason (he was comfortably sitting in the front seat, haha).

EOS12382.jpgOnce we got to our hotel we went straight for food and Time Square. The food was great and Time Square was one of the coolest things ever. After all this was done Stacie got a call and said that we were going to hit the Red Bull hip at 6:45 in the morning, and also be on Good Morning America. This was a great opportunity to ride the hip and get some shots for the news. The first jump that we did was at sunrise. We hit the jump until about 9 then went and got some breakfast. After this the Red Bull guys wanted us to come back and try out the winch, which is a tow rope that was pulling us into the jump. So Derek and I went over to the hip and hit it some more. After hitting the hip all day we finished the day off by getting some food and watching the pro event.

EOS12592.jpgThe next day we took the day off of snowboarding and did some sightseeing, which was awesome. First he hit up ground zero, then went to Rockefeller Center and went to the top of the building and looked at all of New York, which was incredible. After all the sightseeing we headed over to a cool restaurant called Ninja, where our waiters were ninjas. They made fire explode, put fire on their hands and even tried to kill Trevor (haha).

EOS12848.jpgThe next day was our last day, and the competition day. It was an awesome day, it was sunny and 50 degrees. The only bad part about the nice weather was it made for slow conditions hitting the hip. We practiced for 2 hours and were barely making the gap. Once the compition was on, the whole PacSun team started charging with Derek and Tyler doing big airs, Trevor and I spinning 5’s. The highlight of the competition was watching Tyler send a backside 720 to flat (haha)! He didn’t land it but it sure was a crowd pleaser. The outcome of the contest was Trevor winning which was awesome! This trip to New York will be unforgettable and I would like to thank Stacie and Jason so much for all the fun they gave us! Also all the people that helped out with this trip.

Next stop California and Japan for the Dew Tour and Junior World’s. Talk to you guys soon!


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