Wednesday May 27, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Ouch!It’s been a week and three days since my surgery.  I have been on crutches and in bed for a while.  Before the surgery they gave me a nerve block in my leg, but they gave me the shot in my hip.  Then they gave me a spinal tap and gave something to make me loopy so I would be asleep because when I was little I was allergic to the anesthesia.  When I woke up, my legs were both numb, and I had to wait until my right leg had feeling in it so I could walk and go home.  The surgery went very well, the doctor said.   He put in a really, big, new ACL.  On my wrap they had on my knee, the doctor, Tom Hacket, wrote Olympics 2010.  I thought that was really nice of him.  The first couple of days were brutal.  I was on  pain pills for my knee, and either I was allergic to them or I had a stomach flu because I kept throwing them up for two days, so I got new pills that still worked the same.  

Now, I have been hanging out with Chris Mahaney, a friend of mine, because he broke his foot, so he has been staying with me until his next surgery.  He just left a couple of days ago because he had to get surgery on his foot in Texas. I was so bored in my bed doing nothing but watching TV and taking pills and healing.  But then I started a new thing.  I started to make hats, loads and loads of hats, and we bought a bunch of yarn.  That’s what Chris and I have been doing the whole time we have been recovering in addition to watching movies.  

Physical therapy was a whole different story.  I went to physical therapy before my surgery to get my leg strong, so I already knew all the fun girls there.  Before the surgery, I walked in there once without crutches feeling fine.  Now, I am back in there with crutches.  The girls there have been really fun, awesome, and supportive.  I also have been making them hats, and they are giving me 10 dollars for them, so it’s pretty fun.  I also have to take my pain pills before I go because I tried one day without them, and I was crying the whole time.  It wasn’t fun at all.  But today, I was awesome, I kicked butt, I was able to ride the bike well, and do full circles.  Finally, I have been bending my leg more and getting it straight.  The doctor said it looks great, and I am doing very well.  So now I am just chilling, healing, and doing physical therapy  in Colorado.

If anyone is in Colorado, come hang with me!!


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