Thursday May 28, 2015

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After many connecting flights, we finally ended up in Kelowna, BC. First we stopped at the safeway in Kelowna and I was quite surprised that there was not one difference compared to grocery stores in the states. Next, we hopped into our enormous rental van and headed up to the Big White ski resort where two Nor-Am boardercross events would take place. My team was supposed to be staying in a hostel at the resort but after my coach had decided that it was a total dump, we drove an hour back to Kelowna and got some rooms at the Days Inn. It was a bummer that we had to make a long drive every day to the mountain but it ended up working out alright.
The course was very basic but still a lot of fun. It started out with a screaming fast top section that resulted in way to much speed coming into the second burm. The second burm was extremely sketchy and it was causing many people to go down tumbling and every run I was hoping that my legs would hold on through the chatter. It was such a relief making it past the burm because the next sections of the course were really straight forward and a ton of fun.
After a really exciting win at the first Nor-Am in Copper, I was very anxious to do the same thing in Big White. The first day of competition, I had a good qualifying time which helped me through the first round. A slight bauble and edge catch during the second heat put me in fourth place and I did not advance but I still ended up tenth overall. I had a chance to redeem myself the following day and I was very happy when I made it to the semi-final heat. I had some mistakes in the top section of the course which led to just missing second place in order to advance to finals. During the consolation round, I fell on the gnarly second burm and ended up in eighth place overall.
I didn't have the results that I was hoping for but I still did very well against a tough field so I was still happy with my results. It was so much fun getting to hang out with lots of Canadian riders. It's really cool being able to make friends with people from other countries and I'm glad that I will have many more opportunities. I hope that I will be able to go back to Canada soon.

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