Friday May 22, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Grand prix meMerry Christmas!! So the past 2 weeks have been superrr busy. I had the grand prix and the dew tour in back to back weeks. It didn’t help that I had all my school finals during these weeks.

It was awesome to have everyone from around the world in Colorado riding the pipe. I didn’t make it to finals for the grand prix but was close and I was really happy with my run. Then the dew tour came up. Man was that a busy week. I was doing both slopestyle and halfpipe so doing both of those took all week.

They had to cancel halfpipe qualifiers due to the horrible weather, and re-scheduled it for the next day. That meant that I had halfpipe qualifiers and slopestyle semi-finals in the same 2 hours. This only allowed me to get one practice run in halfpipe and 2 practice runs in slopestyle. I landed my second run for halfpipe, but wasn’t too happy with it. Then right after that I went straight up to slopestyle and took my first run, and landed that one, but then fell on my second run on the front 10.

All in all it was an awesome contest and I had so much fun, and drank way to much mountain dew (haha). I’ll keep you guys updated on the next dew tour in 2 weeks.


ally oop prix.JPG Front 7 and the Grand Prix Brett Esser posing at the Grand Prix

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