Friday May 22, 2015

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brooke_in_car.jpgI was in Switzerland and I had never been there before. Switzerland had the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.  When I arrived I was very jet lagged because I stayed up the whole flight.  I should of slept on the flight.  Do to the time difference I was extremely tired.  When we first got to the hotel I got right in bed and it was only 12 pm and I slept till 8 pm.  I slept threw dinner but managed to get something to eat.  While I was sleeping three people knocked on the door and that didn’t even wake me up.   That night we ended up going sledding because we weren’t tired.  In Switzerland they have these really cool sleds that they call rodels.  We went sledding down the roads because they were big enough and there was a lot of snow on them.  After that I went up to bed and took an ambien to help me sleep.
The first day of practice it was snowing and very foggy you really couldn’t really see the course.  When practice opened I took three runs my third one I was going really fast.  I ended up hitting this one jump with too much speed and over shot it.  After landing my front knee started hurting right away, it wasn’t an awesome feeling.  I went down to the bottom of the course and sat down for a bit then tried to get up and go take another run but that didn’t end up happening.  Are team doctor told me I need an x ray.  The x rays were negative and the doctors said I had a bad bone bruise.  The next day it still didn’t felt better so my coach said I shouldn’t compete. I ended up doing school work and wishing I was racing.  I ended up missing the first race of the season do to my knee.   

The last bad thing that happened on the trip that made it not so great was I missed my connecting flight. After the long flight from switzerland I landed in Washington Dulles, I missed my flight and ended up sitting four hours in the airport till my next flight.  Do to missing my flight, I did get home till a day later this is not my idea of an AWESOME TRIP. 

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