Sunday May 24, 2015

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Derek and Mikaela
So I am sitting at rasta pasta in downtown Breck one tuesday night when i get a phone call from Jason at USASA. I have not talked to him for awhile so I am extremely curious to see what it is about. He asks me if I would be ok with flying to California on Thursday night to do a commercial for wii!!

Now 2 things that I am pretty obsessed with is 1. California 2. the entertainment industry. Plus this sounded like a great opportunity so I knew I could not pass it up, the problem was that my family and best friend were coming into town that day. So I talked them into letting my best friend come with and 2 days later we flew to Newport Beach.

While there I met some really cool people, Saw a part of the world I never had, and got to shoot a commercial! It consisted mostly of doing the same takes about 20 times each where we were either playing wii or cheering on the people playing. The game was really cool the experience was unbelievable. I am so thankful for the opportunity and had a great time.

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