Saturday May 23, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Hey all, Just flying back to Utah from Laguna Beach where Mikaela and I spent today doing a commercial for the awesome new wii game coming out in March. Put this game on a list of things you NEED to buy! It's called Wii Ski and Snowboard made by NAMCO and it's by far the coolest game I've ever played! Take my word for it.

We started the trip out meeting Alain Mazer, a super rad dude who also manages NAMCO, and went out for a tasty bite to eat to talk about the shoot and have some good times. The following morning Alain decided to push the shoot back an hour in order to take us all out to breakfast. We could have just had a free breakfast at the hotel but that just didn't seem to meet Alains demands for us LOL. Shout out to Alain for treating us so well! After breakfeast we headed over to a house in the Laguna Beach area and spent the rest of the day shooting the commercial along with a family. The idea was to show that pro skiers and snowboarders enjoy playing this cool, new, family friendly game also. All I know about the commercial so far is that it will probably air on NBC in about a month and be advertised more places soon after.

We finally ended the trip with a bang! Literally a bang! Alain took us to a Sushi restaurant to eat one last time only this time a loud BANG! went off in the middle of dinner. I saw a little mini explosion out of the left corner of my eye and witnessed a sushi chef in flames flapping his arms in the air like a gaper rolling down the windows in the air off a jump. The other chefs started beating him with rags to get the fire out! And that's not all! We almost got drilled in the head by the top of a ketchup bottle barely missing us from the explosion! Once they put out the chef in flames we decided it was time to leave.

Look for the new Wii Ski and Snowboard game coming out in march! Also check out the website to see some interviews of us pretty soon!

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