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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

derek_sk8erboy.jpgIf any of you know me very well you would know this about me, I'M NEW TO SKATEBOARDING!

Every once and a while, throughout my life, I would maybe try a trick or two on a friends skateboard but I never really grew to like the sport. Maybe I just didn't have the patience to tackle down a new trick or maybe I took a hard fall and my face became part of the sidewalk, maybe I thought the geeks at school would gang up and hurt me during recess, who knows?

This summer, during one of the photo shoots with PacSun, the team had the opportunity to stay at Windells. Every day, after snowboarding, we would head over to the BOB indoor skate park which was located out back and skate the rest of the day. Watching Brett, Broc and Molly skate everyday during the trip inspired me to finally make my first purchase on a setup as soon as I got home. I've come to realize that It takes me about 10,000 tries to finally land a new trick on a skateboard. However, skating keeps me mentally focused and is also a great way for me to train and condition my body for this upcoming season. Since the trip to Windells I have been so stoked on skating and  I finally have a bag of tricks . I just spent the last three days learning a switch flip (switch kick flip) and I finally stomped the heck out of it today! You should have seen me smile.

I can now say I love to skateboard!

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