Saturday May 23, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Hi everyone! This is Faye and Mikaela and we are in Switzerland for a few weeks for both the Europa cup and world cup. So far the trip has been unbelievable. We have had so much fun getting close with our team, the number of inside jokes we have is rediculous. And our diets have been mainly made up of bread and chocolate. As for the snowboarding...

We started riding a week ago and the first thing we noticed about the pipe was that it was pretty hard and icy. The jumps were a lot of fun though and faye was the first to try them out. After a day or 2 our coach (Boyde) started getting serious about the competition and we put all of our efforts towards the pipe. The one thing Mikaela learned is that bad habits die hard. But after a week of hard practice she got her back to back 5's looking better than ever. It didn't take Faye long to get back in the swing of things and she was even getting front 7's by the time of the competition. Earlier today we had our qualifiers and had good runs,  we both made it on the semi finals which will take place tomorrow! After that we are heading to Zurich for a fun weekend off. Then it is back to training for our first world cup.

We will make sure to keep you posted!

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