Monday May 25, 2015

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Brooke ShawThis summer I went to Argentina for three boardercross events. The trip to Argentina went very well. When we got to our hotel it was snowing so much, it was insane! We couldn’t wait to go snowboarding because there was so much powder. The next day I was too exhausted to get up and go snowboarding. Instead I went to explore the town. The town was flooded with snow and water because there is a lack of drainage systems in Argentina. We walked around town all day in our snowboard outfits and we ended up making a new friend, a stray dog. He followed us all the way home, so we kept him in are house for a couple days.

The next day we went snowboarding, it was awesome! There was so much snow you had to jump to get into the woods to ride the deep powder. During the first day of training a lot of people were struggling with the course and were injured. The officials ended up changing the course which made it a lot more fun and less scary. In that race I finished 6th. I was very pleased with my result, considering it was the first race of the season.
The next race I was riding faster but, the weather was a bit foggy and it caused me to over shoot one of the jumps. I over shot the jump and ended up falling, which caused me to not make it through time trials.

 The final race was the big one!  Once again I ended up getting 6th, I was pretty happy. The course was very technical. The course consisted of many jumps and banked turns. I’ve never ridden a course with so many obstacles in my life. All the riders were having difficulty with the course. Many people were getting hurt even in practice. Overall, the race was fun, it was a beautiful day and our team did great. The trip to Argentina was an awesome experience.   I can’t wait to see where I travel next!

Since Argentina, I’ve been at home in Bantam Connecticut. After working out I come home and hit the books. I’ve been hanging out with my Connecticut friends as much as possible before I go to Colorado for the winter. The next blog I will write will be from Copper Mt Colorado, as I get ready to compete in The Race to the Cup.

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