Friday May 22, 2015

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Ryan ShecklerAs well as being the Executive Director of the USASA, I also work with World Cup Skateboarding and travel to pro skateboard events around the world. Derek hung out with me for the week during the AST Dew Tour event in Salt Lake City. Here is his take on the entire adventure. JasonToutolmin

Wow! What a week. Thursday morning flew by with excitement as I hung out with the top vert skaters in the world during prelims. Jason has worked with World Cup Skateboarding since 99 throwing him the opportunity to work with famous skaters - Bob Burnquist, Andy Macdonald, Ryan Sheckler and Shawn White to name a few. Hanging out with Jason at the Dew Tour is like eating candy when your a kid! It just makes you sick. jk. If you want to meet some important people or get a few more good contacts hanging out with Jason is definitely the way to go.

derekclimbing.jpgAnyways, Friday rolled around so Jason and I, along with a few of Jasons friends, went rock climbing in American Fork canyon. After four climbs my muscles were trembling and my body shut down. The girl (Mandy) we were climbing with finished the last climb and showed us up. I still think Jason had it in him though. Thanks Jason for the climbs! It was awesome.

Saturday and Sunday were skate finals at the Dew Tour. I got to hang out on the stadium floor where the VIP area was stationed. Stevie Bell, Louie Vito, and Jake Welch were a few others that could be spotted in VIP. So the week is already over and life is starting to slow down again. Snow is around the corner and the winter Dew Tour is a new addition this season. I hope I get a chance to see everyone there soon!

Derek Johnson: PacSun USASA Snowboard Team Rider



{rokzoom album=|SaltLakeDewTour| title=|Derek, still in shock, on the Dew Tour Vert Ramp|}images/stories/SaltLakeDewTour/derek.jpg{/rokzoom} {rokzoom album=|SaltLakeDewTour| title=|Jason working hard at the Dew Tour|}images/stories/SaltLakeDewTour/jason.jpg{/rokzoom} {rokzoom album=|SaltLakeDewTour| title=|BMX Dirt Jumping Finals action|}images/stories/SaltLakeDewTour/dirtjumping.jpg{/rokzoom} {rokzoom album=|SaltLakeDewTour| title=|Derek working through a 5.10 at American Fork|}images/stories/SaltLakeDewTour/derekclimbing.jpg{/rokzoom}
{rokzoom album=|SaltLakeDewTour| title=|Jason climbing hard and trying to hide his belly|}images/stories/SaltLakeDewTour/eos19713.jpg{/rokzoom} {rokzoom album=|SaltLakeDewTour| title=|Neal Hendrix blasting on the Vert Ramp (Photo by Jason Toutolmin)|}images/stories/SaltLakeDewTour/eos19821.jpg{/rokzoom} {rokzoom album=|SaltLakeDewTour| title=|Ryan Sheckler (Photo by Jason Toutolmin)|}images/stories/SaltLakeDewTour/sheckler.jpg{/rokzoom} {rokzoom album=|SaltLakeDewTour| title=|Rodolfo Ramos popping huge over the fireplug (Photo by Jason Toutolmin)|}images/stories/SaltLakeDewTour/googoo.jpg{/rokzoom}

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