Tuesday May 26, 2015

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Hey Everyone,

dew_tour.jpgSo since WoodWard, where I had such an amazing time, I headed out of the camp at 3 in the morning for the Dew Tour in Portland for a rail jam.  After going through some random arguments with airport officials for no reason in particular besides dealing with my bike bag in the Pennsylvania airport, I headed off to Portland.  I got off the plane in Oregon around 11 am, and went straight over to the Dew Tour to watch BMX park.  That was real fun to watch, after that I hung around until 8:30 pm and then the jam started. I'm not going to lie, it was really hot and in snowboard stuff, wow I was sweating a lot haha.  The rail jam was really fun and I ended up getting 3rd, so I was pretty happy about that!  After that I went to the Nike SB warehouse for an after party, and then went to bed after my 26 hour day.  I woke up the next morning headed to Las Vegas to meet my family on our way to Lake Powell.  I went with my family, another family, and my good friend Ross Baker.  We had a lot of fun there on our house boat wake surfing, wake boarding, jet skiing, cliff jump, and way too much more to name. Not to make this too much longer we found a natural spring that formed a water slide. While we were there a flash flood happened and we thought it would make a standing wave.  Ross tried it first on a boogie board and just barely making it out of this gnarly river flow before drowning.  He ditched the boogie board, and we later realized we had forgotten it. We come back to the slide and this boogie board is stuck right in the gnarliest water circle sink hole thing.  So I ask Ross "what do you think" and he says "well were getting it one way or another" and I'm like "it's just a boogie board, it's not worth dying over hah" At the bottom of this slide there was foamy stuff in the water so you couldn't really see where the board was.  Ross says " next time I see any sign of it I'm going for it"  So we see it pop out a little bit, next thing you know Ross is slipping and running trying not to slip out and just jumps into the water, not to mention bashing his foot into a log that got taken down stream.  I'm pretty sure he broke it, he denies it though.  Then he just started paddling out of this 20 ft wide canyon.  I'm going to have to say one of the gnarlier things I've seen in a while.  Now I am back in Mammoth Lakes, California where I live bmxing in the skatepark and getting back into school.  I am heading down to WoodWard West this weekend with my brother Jordan, and some friends to ride the parks and do a mountain bike race.  So that should be fun.  I'm looking forward to the first snow fall in Mammoth.

Thanks for reading, Trevor Jacob

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