Tuesday May 26, 2015

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It is early September and we are over skateboarding, basketball, and the beach.. It’s time to strap in.

The night is a Thursday and party activity is in full swing. The Rail we have scouted to hit is a fairly big ledge with a giant VT landscape painted next to it. We have just finished the run in and have an audience of about 10 intoxicated frat boys already. The ledge also happens to be right in front of a 24-hour rehab center and the nurses are all curious as to what we are doing and why there is snow in their parking lot.

The planning is not done well and it takes 3 trips to the ice rink to get enough snow to apply where needed. We haven’t even dropped and already we have a hater. A mid height Caucasian devil pulls up to our landing in his gas-guzzling SUV and decides he is going to make it his job to insure our failure. He informs the nurses that this is not safe; they say the supervisor knows and he will let us hit it a couple times but the man is not satisfied. He preaches about how much of a liability this will be and how we could sue if we get hurt (the whole time reminding everyone that he has been a snowboarder for 20 years.) after a while he moves (still complaining) and we begin to session. I take 3 attempts at the ledge before the police arrive; the others in my crew get one attempt each. When the police arrive I strap in quick to get one last shot, I have been trying frontsides and eating s*** every time. I get one more failed attempt before we are shut down and the haters’ wish for us to leave is granted.

The night turned out to be pretty fun and I walked away with one decent shot. Burlington is known for fun times and I will bring the dopest little town to the spotlight as I progress with my snowboarding, keep a lookout for the Tree Bandit.!

-Kiah Ellis
PacSun USASA Snowboard Team Rider

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