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jasonjumping.jpgAugust 19th, 2008, it was the second day at camp and we were sore. Paul Krahulec, Jason Toutolmin and I had found ourselves on the small BMX jumps. I wasn't sure where I stood with these two guys because they were both familiar with the sport,  and then there was I who had never really had a chance to learn on small jumps. The first time I went through I followed Paul and Jason through the mellow rhythm section and felt comfortable.

After a few different lines through the course, Chris Mahaney joined us with the same lack of BMX experience as me. After he was comfy with the small jumps we became bored and took our newly acquired skills over to the race track. I could tell right away that Mahaney was feeling the same way I was when we looked down the course from a start view. I could feel an immediate tension of competetivness between the two of us that reminded me of our arch enemy days way back when.

As Paul dropped what looked to be a bra, we were off when it hit the ground. I wasnt sure what to do but at this point I didn't much care because I knew that Chris wouldnt give me any room for mistake. I just imagined the bike as a snowboard and with the terrain the same, it was just like snowboardcross. Double, double, double now coming into the first left hand berm. I never thought my little chicken legs could pedal so fast!! By now Chris was out of my tunnel vision, but I knew he was right there as if we were on a two person bike. Double, double, roller, right hand berm. I could hear Paul and Jason giggling as they watched.

Mahaney and I were side by side through the finish rollers. Pretty much a tie. I predict by next summer me and Mahaney would be racing in our local BMX series.

That's Jason in the picture, not Roger, but Roger looked pretty much the same only thicker...

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