Thursday May 28, 2015

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woodwrd_3 005.JPGUpon arrival Gary and Mike joke with us a bit about our accommodations at the Woodward Inn, a Georgian stone inn built in 1814 which served as a wagon train stop for travelers along the old Millheim Pike.  Spencer, Miah and I immediately headed down some creaky stairs to check out the basement as it was rumored to be "extra spooky"!  After taking a few photo's Miah exclaimed that there were "a few odd shadows creeping into his photographs"........... aahhhhh, oh well, as long as they stay in the photo's we should be fine.

woodwrd_1 037.JPGSpeaking of  photos, check out Chris Mahaney viewing a video of his close encounter with a deranged badger. Apparently Chris was walking under the crab apple tree near the camp entrance when a badger, obviously protecting his domain dropped out of the tree and grabbed Chris about the neck. Fellow team mate Roger Carver is rumored to have helped pull the wild animal off of him and save for a few neck bruises, Chris was none the worse for wear!

woodwrd_2 001.JPG Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night trying to figure out if you're in a dream or actually wide awake wishing that you were dreaming? During our first night at the "Haunted Inn" I quickly realized that I was experiencing the latter as there was something in my room clawing  at the floor. I reached for my other pillow to put over my head in an attempt  to hide from the unseen night raider, but the pillow was no longer with me in bed. To add to the drama, my laptop suddenly just turned on at which  point I decided to pull the covers up high over my head to hide and ride out  the nite.  Dawn finally arrived and I found my pillow in the fireplace  and all was quiet.  I tried to check on Miah but he kept on telling me that it wasn't 7:30 yet from beneath his pillow...........Spencer the  "tamblcat" was curled up in his happy place so I just headed on up to the shower.

woodwrd_2 042.JPG Breakfast found the crew ready to go and go we did with Phoebe and  Rick for our morning stretch, a daily routine led alternately by Spencer &  Miah.  Then off to one of the many gym's that camp has to offer, complete  with trampolines, harnesses, tumbling floors, resi mats and foam pits for all to use learning new tricks and to put a high gloss polish on ones already in the bag.  A quick lunch and then off to the pool to impress the gymnasts off the diving board, or over to the dirt jumps & bmx track to answer the  daily question "just how good is Jason" or just skating at the "Rock" or  "Playground" to while away a bit of afternoon free play time.

woodwrd_1 032.JPG A friend once  said that if your on time you're late and if you're early you're on time,  which translates into an on time 3 pm arrival in Lot 8 means you're not going to get first dibs at the hardware necessary to destroy the roller ramp gnarr! Destroy???............ not, actually the team just annihilated the scene. It was an average day in the terrain park with this crew except we were  not anywhere close to snow.  Rodger rolled in all chill and pulled out a  switch rodeo 5 and Trevor "The Terror" took the afternoon up an incredible notch by gapping over the corner of the foam pit and stomping it down on the  resi. Crazy.....................

  3:45 am Saturday  found us up and headed to the airport, Danzig was playing on Fungus XM53 as it had been all week while driving our grand parent style rental car to camp. No doubt the badger would be headed out to the apple tree too come dawn, but things wouldn't be quite the same as Saturday marked the end of the final session of camp at Woodward.  

woodwrd_3 021.JPG We had all said  our goodbyes the night before, took photos, shook hands and gave hugs, I  quickly realized again just how truly fortunate I am to have been given the opportunity to share in the lives of so many talented, courageous and respectful young adults.

The 2008 PacSun  USASA Team is an amazing group, the vibe will encourage us all to stay forever  stoked!


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