Tuesday May 26, 2015

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EOS19040.jpgWhen I attended my first nationals at Mammoth Mountain in California when I was 12 or 13, Roger Carver and myself became known rivals whenever USASA Nationals would come that once a year for boardercross.  Now USASA Nationals has brought us back together as really close friends.  Anyone who has known both me and Roger will tell you that we are too very naturally talented kids who only want to do one thing, beat the other one.

This past week at Camp Woodward Roger and I competed at almost everything we came across but always in the best of fashions, pushing each other in every adventure we came across.  First this feud started in the gym, even in warmups to see who was the most flexible, then to the olympic flatbed trampolines to see who could bounce the highest and do the most spins and flips, then we found ourselves in a very different situation, the BMX Race Track??

I had heard Roger went BMXing with Jason and Paul and I was thinking I need to be there, so having never really BMXd before and being competitive, we quickly went from the dirt jumps at Woodward to the race track where we found ourselves going head to head down the track.  Both of us being some of the top Junior Boarder-crossers in North America, we were making moves on the berms and trying to make passes over jumps.  It brought us back to where we met each other and really reminded us how lucky we both are to have this opportunity to travel and represent PacSun, Woodward, USASA, and our country in a sport that we both love.

All in all, after the racing and sweating and crashing, me taking one directly to my side over a jump, we went to the pool and took our competitiveness to the diving boards. This Woodward Camp made me some lasting friendships with some great people I might have never met, and helped remind me how lucky I am to be allowed to do what I love to do.  

Thank you coaches and PacSun and Woodward and USASA for believing in all of us to represent them this upcoming year.  To the team, can't wait to see all of you soon.

Peace out,
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