Friday May 22, 2015

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EOS19268.jpgMeet the Real PacSun USASA Snowboard Team
Woodward provided me the facilities to progress my snowboarding and body awareness. Also, the week I spent there instigated a unique bonding experience with a team I am so proud to be a part of. Every member of PacSun USASA Snowboard Team surprised me in some way during our stay at Woodward. This week I learned many things about our PacSun campers, coaches, and even myself:
1. Kiah Ellis may call himself shy, but he had tons of personality, spunk and personal expression which is individual and unique. He is himself all the time which I admire and respect.
2. Faye Gulini, who thinks tan lines are "cute", performs flip tricks like the guys, but cannot forward somersault.
3. Mikaela Casey is the only competitive snowboarder I know who is in love with the Jonas brothers, but when we all finally meet Jason Toutolmin's 8-year-old daughter I know they will be instant friends!
4. Roger Carver probably should have been a BMX racer instead of a BoarderCross rider.
5. Alex Tuttle has more power and coordination than any gymnast ever at Woodward (or at least he was the only one to ever bottom out a trampoline)
6. Derek Johnson can handstand longer than he can survive a paintball match, but he did show his high pain tolerance when he finished his paintball game and had 36 welts throughout his body.
7. Miah Wheeler is a certified WEMT, but also a core and zen master (though he may need to touch up his math skills since I'm pretty sure we as humans can't give over 100% effort at any given time )
8. Spencer Tamblyn is not afraid to show up anyone with his huge gainers into the pool, but he also has secret trampoline and headstand talent.
9. Jackie Hernandez has a rare but serious condition where she can't stop laughing after she starts.
10. Alex Hernandez may be fierce in the start gate, but he is really patient, easygoing, and harmless off the course. 
12. Chris Mahaney is willing to "go for it" anytime, anyplace, anywhere. but he is at his best when trying to impress gymnastics girls.
13. Brett Esser was voted by the PacSun USASA Snowboard Team girls as nicest kid on the team and he was the only rider who was able to consistently complete our Woodward Workouts and then go skating for hours after and not be exhausted.
14. Trevor Jacob can't seem to follow directions and always finds himself separated from the group, but he is usually discovering way gnarlier stuff then anyone could even think up.
15. Mackenzie Joyce may be a racer, but I know his true passion and talent lies in his rocket airs
16. Tyler Anderson is more worried about his bronze appearance than any girl who was at Woodward (yes, even the cheerleaders), but his crazy trampoline double corks were cooler than his black body.
17. Mimi (Madeline) Wiencke was the most entertaining storyteller at the girls' late night gossip sessions, but she also demonstrated her tough side as she pushed through handstands and back handsprings with a sprained wrist.
18. Jason Toutolmin, director of USASA, is more of a kid than even the little Menehune's at Nationals. He is known throughout Woodward for challenging all the gymnastics girls to a trampoline game called "Add On" and WINNING. 
19. Paul Krahulec your very own Copper Series director, can do front flips into a foam pit, navigate a BMX course as if he was 20, and skateboards around Woodward camp like an experienced camper.
20. Me- I discovered how I thrive on others' greatness. Watching the boys charge into the foam pit I was inspired to fly right after them. The PacSun Team riders and coaches combined with the incredible Woodward Facilities (thanks Gary) and coaches (thanks Phoebe and Rick!) created a once-in-a-lifetime environment allowing me to push my limits and practice my snowboard tricks in a progressive yet safe setting.
The past week at Woodward left me with new friends, new tricks, and new memories I won't be quick to forget!

by Kelly Marren


  Kelly dropping the cliff into the foam pit.


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