Monday May 25, 2015

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Camp Woodward! Good vibes, laughs and good times! The trip started off with Trevor and I running around the airport waiting to leave for woodward. Once we pulled up to woodward we realized that this was going to be one heck of a trip, and we were right! The days consisted of real intense workouts, jumping on trampolines, skating till you were to hot to move and then heading to the pool for a nice team pool party. this usually ment Chris sending it on the diving board, Tyler and Faye competing for best tan and everyone else having a good time. The camp ended with more laughs, a team dinner, Kelly's birthday, which was awesome, and a lot of see you soons! I want to thank Gary, Rick, Phoebe, all the staff at Woodward, Miah, Jason, Spencer, Paul and all of our sponsers for making this happen!


Brett Esser



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