Sunday May 24, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Today is the pacsun usasa  snowboard teams final day at camp Woodward. The team and I fired up the day with our favorite stretch routines and some flipin awsome trampoline training. Afterwards, I could hear the sweat dripping from Jasons forehead splashing to the ground as he geared up to race Trevor on the bmx course. Jason pumped his way through the course while Trevor flew through the air behind him. Jasons skills were obvious after the win.

After I witnessed the race me, Paul, and Jason headed over to the mega roll in to watch trevor drop in from the tower of terror. Jason spent most of the afternoon shooting photos of Trevor killing it bmx style. After looking over some of the shots we realized it was time to head over to the paintball course. The game started with me charging at my oponents and ended with 36 welts and bruises scattered over my body. At least I got to hear Brett scream like a girl! Now the team and I are cruising down the road in the Woodward bus. It's Kelly's birthday and PacSun is treating us to dinner. We're fired up for the night out cause good times are ahead!




Trevor is a nut... 


 Still a nut. 

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