Thursday May 28, 2015

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Storytime by Kelly and Mikaela (on the bus)

Believe it or not with our busy schedule at Woodward we would have an open two hours during the day which was always spent poolside. There we would try our newly learned tricks from the tramp on the diving board. The boys (mostly Mahaney) did it with high hopes of impressing all the hot gymnastic girls. When the diving session was over everyone illustrated their competitive side when we moved to the "log roll". For those of you who have not experienced the joys of Woodward, the log roll is a five inch, squishly cylander. Its connected to one end of the pool and spins as you run on it. Two people stand on the log roll, testing their balance as it spins around. Whoever stays on the longest claims victory. (beat 10 people in a row and you get free icecream). You get extra points if you can cartwheel across it. Kelley tried this numerous times, and while she was unsuccessful, her intense falls made her the most entertaining person at the pool. However, despite all of the strong snowboarding legs we may think we have, we always got beat my the gymnasts. Although there was lots of intense action throughout the week at Woodward some of the best times were had by the pool. And embarrassingly enough we went through a whole bottle of tanning oil, in which the boys were big contributors.

Kelly navigates the log roll... on her face.


Spencer and Chris Mahaney synchronized diving.


Just Chillin...

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