Thursday April 17, 2014

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Faye Gulini: Japan, Spain, and Italy

Hey everyone, It’s been a great season!! Let’s start with Japan. The trip overall was amazing. It was quite the journey, it took us a total of 34 hours from Sunday River, Maine to our hotel in Japan. In boardercross I placed 8th in time trial and but got bumped in my first heat, ended up 9th overall. After competing, my dad and I went with the physical therapist and the doctor to visit the snow monkeys. There were so many of them and most of them were sitting in a hot spring. We were so close we could touch them. Halfpipe came soon after, I only had a few hours to practice before the competition. The pipe was soft and hard to ride but after a few runs it all started to come together. I felt good going into the event but fell in both of my competition runs.


Brett Esser: Japan and Vermont

Hello everybody! Just finished up a 2 week long trip to Japan and Vermont, doing a snowboard competition called Junior Worlds and in Vermont I did the Grand Prix. Man going to Japan was such a awesome experience! It was the first time out of the country for me so it was super cool. We all started off the trip with a 12 hour flight from San Francisco to Tokyo. Once we arrived in Tokyo we got our money exchanged and headed up to Nagano, which was 5 hours away from Tokyo. Once we all got to the hotel it was 1 in the morning and we all crashed in our rooms.


Molly Wilson: My east coast adventure

photoThis past week I experienced the east coast and all the ice and slush it has to offer. It started at Sugarloaf Maine for the USSA Revolution Tour Final Stop.  I ended up getting 4th in halfpipe and 7th in slopestyle. Not the results I was hoping for, especially because I was so close to the overall titles for both halfpipe and slopestyle. After the competition was over we explored the rest of the mountain. The funnest run on all of Sugarloaf was called Lower Tomahawk. It’s an icy mogul run through the trees with an icy gap called “the devil’s toenail” at the end. It was awesome and we only hit it like twenty times. To finish off my Maine trip I ate some delicious lobster that was only two hours off the boat, but unfortunately I never saw a moose.


Kelly Marren at Junior Worlds

IMG_0771.JPGNagano, Japan, home of the 1998 XVIII Olympic Games is situated in the central part of the Japanese mainland and covers the Central Highland also known as the Roof of Japan. From San Francisco it takes a 12-hour flight and 6-hour bus ride to get there. I left California on February 28th, and didn't arrive at the Hotel Selan until Monday March 2nd.

When I arrived, the hotel lobby was packed full of goggle-tanned snowboarders with their bulging snowboard bags and duffels. I found myself surround by not only the familiar U.S. halfpipe riders (including USASA PacSun riders Faye Gulini, Brett Esser, Kaitlyn Farrington, and Broc Waring), but also the United States’ finest junior alpine racers and boardercrossers.



Brett Esser: New York PacSun USASA trip!

EOS12374.jpgWhat a blast. The crew we had going was Tyler Anderson, Trevor Jacob, Derek Johnson, Jason Toutolmin, and Stacie Perry. We started off the trip in a 7 passenger mini van with 6 people packed in there along with 4 board bags and 7 travel bags, we were all pinned up against the walls, other than Jason (he was comfortably sitting in the front seat, haha).

Once we got to our hotel we went straight for food and Time Square. The food was great and Time Square was one of the coolest things ever. After all this was done Stacie got a call and said that we were going to hit the Red Bull hip at 6:45 in the morning, and also be on Good Morning America.


Tyler Anderson: From Steamboat to NYC

EOS12829.jpgFrom Steamboat to New York, this being my first trip to the big apple I did not know what to expect. I just returned back to steamboat springs from my unbelievable trip to New York City. I have never been in that kind of atmosphere so it was a completely new experience for me.  After 6 hours of flying I had arrived in the big city just seeing millions of buildings everywhere. After fitting 6 people, 4 board bags and a lot of luggage, in a mini van, I think I was ready to get out and walk the city.


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