Friday May 29, 2015

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nick_youtube_clipHey guys whats poppin!

Just got back from an amazing trip to New Zealand for the JR Worlds. The contest was super sick and the setup was one of the most fun comp setups i've ridden. Heres the set up,  flat bar, 30ft jump, 45ft jump, 55ft jump, cannon box. The course had a ton of flow to it which made it so much fun.

We got to ride at Snowpark and Cadrona. These two mountains have some of the sickest free riding and some of the most fun rails and jumps. It was pretty awesome to ride on some snow while its summertime at home! The whole lifestyle out in NZ is pretty awesome, the whole driving on the left side of the road was pretty crazy to me as well!


Benji FarrowHey everyone!!!!!

Well I’m back in Vermont! After being in a foreign country during their winter for over a month has made me realize just how awesome this life of a competitive snowboarder can be! During my trip I met so many new people and learned so many new things from the country of New Zealand. So if you have nothing else to do here is a quick rundown of how my time went while in “eNZed”.



Chloe BanningHey Everyone! Chloe here, just giving an update on my summer fun. I hope everyone's summer is going well, mine has gone by way too fast! I started off my summer at Woodward at Copper with the PacSun USASA Team for our camp/photoshoot.


This summer, I spent sessions 3 and 4 at Windell’s in Mt. Hood, Oregon snowboarding with many of the other PacSun USASA Team riders. The on-hill experience was insane! Almost every day was sunny and slushy. Windell’s even had an airbag that sat at the end of a sick 22-foot halfpipe along with a line of smooth jumps and a rail park.


Benji FarrowOne of the hardest working members of the PacSun USASA National team, Benji Farrow from Mount Holly Vermont, placed 9th with a score of 70.2 in the Mens Slopestyle finals today at the Burton NZ Open. Variable snow conditions, morning delays & low visibility made for a challenging venue, the best riders threw down some amazing runs regardless. The first feature of the course offered a choice between a down-flat-down round bar or a round down bar, the second feature was a choice between an up box or a gap to flat box, followed by three jumps measuring in at 45-feet, 55-feet, and 75-feet, then finishing with a quarterpipe to goalpost / hip.

Scott Palmer must be pretty proud, Southern Vermont Represent!

Halfpipe action starts tomorrow, you can watch the results live as they come in or view the complete slopestyle results at Burton NZ

Hey Everyone!!!!!

Benji here checking in just before I head off to New Zealand for Jr. Worlds and the Open!! My Summer has been going great so far! I spent three weeks riding in Mammoth during the month of May and June before heading to Summit County in mid June for our team camp at Woodward at Copper. Seeing the whole team at Copper was a lot of fun, I made a bunch of new friends and chilled with all my old ones. After Woodward i came home to the good ole 802 to work, hang with the fam and my friends. This last weekend was especially fun, my sister and i spent the entire weekend with friends jumping off whatever we could find with some amount of water below it! Quarrys, bridges, cliffs, rope swings were all back flipped, doubled and in some cases belly flopped! It was the best end to my summer at home I could ask for! Okay well I am going to go finish my packing and board the plane for NZ before all the snow melts down there!!!

Benji Farrow

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